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What We Do ?
10Ability is a consultancy firm, based in Romania and is born out of passion to help organizations increase their sustainability performance overall and risk-proof business for the more prominent risks related to climate change.
Our team of professionals has a large range of skills and consistent experience in sustainability and environmental protection, engineering and science, in addition to non-financial reporting and assurance. It is crucial to improve sustainability performance and risk-proof your business; as a first approach, it is important to identify and measure your company’s sustainability performance.
We can help you understand the business and regulatory threats and opportunities across the sustainability spectrum to measure, monitor and improve your performance by guiding you navigate through change and improve both financial and non-financial performance.
Moreover, we can assist you on your public sustainability disclosures, and help demonstrate your leadership in driving sustainable and inclusive growth while being aligned to global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We work with clients across different sectors to help create long-term value to the company, to the stakeholders, and to the society at large.
At 10Ability we have the capabilities to help you achieve sustainable excellence and fully meet your potential.
Our Team
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